Kairos 2020 75cl

Veneto | Italy
CHF 59.00
Zýmē is as indispensable to Valpolicella, as yeast is to vinification. The term zýmē, in ancient Greek means yeast, but the word represents much more than the name of this winery – it is a symbol of Celestino Gaspari’s devotion to nature. Although recently established by Gaspari himself in 2003, he grew up in the wine industry, and has worked many years already as a consulting oenologist. This extremely talented individual, with his avant-garde philosophy has become one of the most remarkable and distinctive producers in the region. Located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, the age-old sandstone quarry is home to the contemporary Zýmē estate. Crafting wines that are reputed for their seamless synthesis of the five elements of wine-making – earth, sun, water, vine, and man – each bottle is an icon of the synergy found between nature and history.