What is En Primeur?

In the world of wine, few events generate as much anticipation and excitement as Bordeaux En Primeur. It's a time when the wine industry collectively holds its breath, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the latest vintage from one of the most revered wine regions in the world.

"En Primeur" is a French term that translates to "in advance." This purchasing method is also known as “wine futures." This unique practice allows enthusiasts and investors to purchase these wines while they are still maturing in the oak, long before they are bottled and released to the general public. The En Primeur system offers a rare opportunity to experience Bordeaux's most prestigious wines in their earliest stages of development. It's a chance to discern the nuances of each vintage, to speculate on its potential, and perhaps most importantly, to secure allocations of wines that are often in high demand and limited supply.

Why buy En Primeur wines?

Access to limited production wines
En Primeur offers the opportunity to access limited-release wines that are highly sought after and often produced in limited quantities;
Guaranteed provenance
purchasing a wine En Primeur guarantees its origin. Assuring that the wines have come from a credible source and have been stored and handled in the best possible way. The En Primeur warranty of provenance is also a very important detail when considering reselling the wines afterwards.
Bottle formats
you can decide in which format the wine is to be bottled. Along with the standard and half-bottle sizes, this process allows you to choose between larger formats as well, such as Magnum, Double-Magnum and Imperial.

When will the En Primeur wines be available?

Wines sold during En Primeur are usually available in the spring or summer about two years after the offer date, depending also on payment and shipping logistics. So, while the anticipation may keep you on your toes, rest assured that your patience will soon be rewarded with the exquisite taste of these carefully selected wines.


How does En Primeur work?

Every year, the wine world's spotlight shines brightly on Bordeaux during the highly anticipated En Primeur week. Thousands of wine aficionados, merchants, négociants, traders, and journalists gather in the region to taste the samples of the last vintage. ?

The En Primeur process unfolds in several distinct phases:

Harvest and vinification:
the En Primeur journey begins with the annual grape harvest in Bordeaux, typically in September. Winemakers carefully select and hand-pick the grapes at optimal ripeness, laying the foundation for the quality of the vintage. After harvest, the grapes are transported to the wineries, where they undergo vinification.
Barrel tasting:
one of the most eagerly anticipated phases of Bordeaux En Primeur is the barrel tasting, which usually takes place in the spring following the harvest. Wine critics, journalists, and industry professionals descend upon Bordeaux to sample the young wines straight from the barrel, assessing their quality, potential, and character.
En Primeur Campaign:
following the barrel tastings, Châteaux release their En Primeur offers to wine merchants, brokers, and consumers around the world.
Allocation and purchase:
En Primeur buyers have the opportunity to secure allocations of their desired wines based on their preferences, budgets, and relationships with producers and merchants.
Aging and bottling:
after the En Primeur purchases are finalized, the wines continue to age in the barrels until they are deemed ready for bottling. This period of maturation allows the wines to develop complexity, depth, and structure, enhancing their appeal and value.
Release and delivery:
once bottled, the En Primeur wines are released to the market and delivered to buyers, typically one to two years after the initial En Primeur campaign.
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