With more than thirty years of experience, we are one of the main dealers of fine and rare wines in Switzerland. Our wine portfolio has become a reference point for vintage wines from all over the world and we offer customized services for private customers, wine lovers and collectors, as well as for the HORECA sector.

Trust, passion, expertise, respect: it is in these values that our uniqueness lies. The ultimate goal is always to identify and select the best wines - labels from the most renowned wine regions, or small artisan productions and hidden gems to discover - and find the most suitable solutions to meet every need.

We hold in our cellars over 10 thousand labels ready for delivery: the most prestigious Bordeaux classifications, as well as a wide selection of the best wines from Burgundy, Rhone and Champagne as well as from the major Italian, Spanish, Australian, American and South American producers. In addition to this, we own an impressive collection of large formats, from the 150 cl Magnum to 27 litre formats.

The range of services we provide includes the organisation of events in partnership with producers from all over the world: wine tastings, blind tastings, dinners and private and corporate events organised both at the Melano headquarters and in exceptional locations.


Our cellar

All wines we offer are owned by our company and stored in our wine cellars. The immediate availability of products combined with a wide selection allows us to offer a fast, impeccable and efficient service. The warehouses are equipped with temperature and humidity control devices in order to keep the bottles in perfect conditions and fully insured. Every single case is checked upon receipt and evaluated by a professional staff, photographed and registered in the Warehouse Management System, which guarantees full traceability.

«Everything we do, we do because we love wine. And we love it because wine punctuates the best moments of our lives, not only at the table. Wine is the warmth of a laugh, the pleasure of a conversation, it strengthens bonds and renews the sense of friendship and family belonging. Wine is our passion: the same passion that unites us with our customers». – Paolo Cattaneo, Arvi Chairman


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