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Vodka Belvedere Pure

Żyrardów Poland


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You can save on shipping costs by collecting your wines directly at our shop. Currently, this option is only available at our ARVI Headquarters in Melano, Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1.

Store in Wine Vault

ARVI also offers a professional storage service, in which you can cellar your wines with us at ideal conditions. For more information about the terms and pricing, please click here.

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Carrying a history of more than six hundred years of Polish vodka-making traditions, Belvedere represents the world’s first luxury vodka. Crafted entirely in Poland – the birthplace of vodka – Belvedere represents a distinct, characterful spirit unique from the rest. Made from Polish Dankowskie Rye from the Mazovian plains and 100% pure water, this vodka follows one of the world’s strictest production regulations – Polska Wodka. Therefore, the ingredients must all be locally-sourced and the fermentation, distillation, filtering and bottling processes must all be done on Polish soil. The resulting product is pure with no additives. Named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, the brand pays homage to its heritage only every bottle with an image of this Polish symbol. The House itself was established in 1993 by luxury giant – LVMH. However, all of Belvedere’s vodkas are produced at the Polmos Żyrardów Distillery, which benefits from over a century of distillation experience. Together with age-old vodka-making methods, modern technologies and quality locally-grown ingredients, Belvedere is the world’s greatest vodka, it is full of character.
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Picture of Belvedere