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Château Cantenac

Cantenac is a Saint-Émilion-based château that is owned by Nicole Roskam-Brunot and her sons, Frans, Johan and Frédéric. Cantenac is historical part of the area, meaning "enchanted place" in Latin. Over the years it has had a series of owners including the Despujol family, a well-known merchant from Libourne who also owned Château Nenin and Château la Gomerie at the time. It was eventually bought by the Brunot family, whose descendants still own it today. They produce 3 different wines - Château Cantenac - the property's main wine, Sélection Madame - a wine of majority Merlot personally blended by the owner as an homage to her roots, and Climat - a 'freestyle' blend of their best barrels - whatever those barrels may be.