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What is En Primeur?

En Primeur is a French term for wine that is sold on a ‘future’ basis – before being bottled. Each spring following the vintage, the great Bordeaux Cru Classé properties present young barrel samples of their previous year’s harvest. At this point, the châteaux allocate a certain tranche or set amount of their total production to be released at a special inaugural price.


Why buy from ARVI?

- We have one of the largest allocations of top-end En Primeur wines.

- We are a dependable and financially stable source. We have one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry.

- Choice of case sizes, and bottle formats: from half-bottle sizes, to Magnums and Double-Magnums, and sometimes even to 27-liter Primats, depending on the Châteaux.

- No tie-ups: order your favourite wines, we will not link the top wines with other wines, like many merchants do.

- Up-to-date information.

- Dedicated wine consultancy.


Why buy En Primeur?


When discussing the most sought after vintages, En Primeur may be the best way for consumers to secure the desired quantities of the wine they are interested in. Certain wines may be produced in very limited quantities, making it difficult to find the wine at a later date, when it is already bottled and released onto the market.


Purchasing a wine En Primeur guarantees its origin. Assuring that the wines have come from a credible source and have been stored and handled in the best possible way. The En Primeur warranty of provenance is also a very important detail when considering to resell the wines afterwards.


The great thing about buying En Primeur is that the customer can decide in which format the wine is to be bottled. Along with the standard and half-bottle sizes, this process allows customers to choose between larger formats as well, such as Magnum, Double-Magnum and Imperial, some châteaux even offer the lavish 27-liter bottle, Primat.


When will the En Primeur wines arrive?

Wines sold during En Primeur are usually available in the spring or summer about two years after the offer date, depending also on payment and shipping logistics.


How does En Primeur work?

Each year, the most important annual offers to come from Bordeaux happen during the En Primeur week. Thousands of wine experts, merchants, négociants, traders and reporters gather in the region for this hectic, but nonetheless festive time to taste and critique cask-samples of the 2019 vintage. At the center of the fine-wine world, securing wines before they are released onto the market is what makes the En Primeur system so captivating.



The grapes are harvested, carefully selected and crushed to release the juice.


20°C - 32°C

The juice is then fermented for more than two weeks using either the “punch down” or “pumping over” method. Some wines are then pressed before blending.


Maturation usually takes place over a period of 1-2 years, primarily in oak barrels.



After maturation the wines are bottled, corked and labeled.


The bottles are then shipped from the Châteaux to ARVI.


ARVI receives the shipments and the wines are ready for you.


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