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One of Spain’s most recently “rediscovered” wine regions is Toro. Located in Castilla Y Léon in north-central Spain, due southwest of Ribera del Duero and Rioja, Toro was renowned in the medieval period for its high quality wines. However, due to its remoteness, it was most likely forgotten about. It reappeared on the wine scene only really since the 2000s when more established wine estates began looking for old vines and high quality fruit in other Spanish regions. In 1998, there were only 8 bodegas but by 2012, there were 50. Similar to Ribera del Duero, its vineyards are planted at high altitudes, approximately 600-750 metres above sea level. This creates cooler growing conditions at night enabling their Tempranillo grapes (called Tinto de Toro locally) to retain their acidity and deep colour. Its near-desert conditions also create concentrated, powerful wines and many of them can easily attain 15% or over in alcohol. ...
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