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Water for wine lovers

Perfect your table with the purity and harmony of Saint-Géron. Coming from the pristine area of Auvergne, France, the spring of Saint-Géron represents vitality drawn from the heart of the earth. Far from sources of pollution, the spring benefits from a natural and constant movement of water. The resulting, naturally effervescent water, is one of the finest in France. It is thanks to the spring’s unique geological terroir, that Saint-Géron is exceptionally pure and full of rich minerals and elements.



100% Natural CO2
Bicarbonate 1128.9 mg/L
Calcium 79.1 mg/L
Magnesium 53.7 mg/L
Nitrate 0 mg/L
Sodium 207.9 mg/L
Sulphites 20.4 mg/L
Potassium 18.4 mg/L
Chloride 44.2 mg/L
pH 6
Residue sec (180°C) 1158 mg/L
ZERO Bacteria and Pesticides
Trace elements: Magnesium, Fluor, Lithium, Borium, Strontium


Rich in minerals and rare elements, Saint-Géron’s unique taste brings an authentic character to every table. This lightly sparkling water is perfectly suited for wine tastings, fine dining events and every day meals. Promoting French excellence, Saint-Géron is proudly served by Michelin-starred chefs, like Alain Dutournier and Michel Rostang, as well as estate owners, the Mitjaviles (owners of Bordeaux property – Château Tertre Roteboeuf and the Billecarts (owners of Champagne Billecart-Salmon).


75cl and 37.5cl

Saint-Géron is exclusively available in glass bottles in two sizes: 75cl and 37.5cl. The bottle’s shape was carefully designed by Argentinean artist, Alberto Bali, who flawlessly combined square and round forms to highlight the balance of Saint-Géron.

37.5 cl – CHF 1.80 VAT Incl.
75 cl – CHF 3.30 VAT Incl.


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