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Primitivo is one of southern Italy’s leading red grape varieties. The name, Primitivo, derives from its early ripening, in fact, each stage of growth for this variety, from flowering to verasion, come earlier than others. Therefore, it is amongst the first red grapes to be harvested, around the end of August and beginning of September. While the origins of this grape are still uncertain, many believe it originated in Dalmatia and was then brought to Puglia by the Illyrians. Subsequently, in the 1800s, the variety was introduced to the United States under the name Zinfandel. Primitivo is known for its aromatic bouquets and fruity appeal, revealing notes of cherry, plum and sometimes even, raspberry. Occasionally a bit spicy, Primitivo has a certain tannic astringency that promotes ageability, making it the perfect wine to cellar for a few years. ...
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