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Blaufränkisch / Lemberger / Franconia / Kékfrankos / Gamé

Blaufränkisch is one of Austria’s most important red grape varieties. While Blaufränkisch is grown throughout the country, it is predominately found in Burgenland, where it is mostly used in a blend with other varietials to balance the grape’s tannic and acidic characteristics. Requiring a warm environment to fully mature, Blaufränkisch buds early and ripens rather late, delivering plentiful high yields. The resulting wines are medium-bodied and deeply colored, with flavors of black-fruit and spices. This black-grape variety has been found to be related to the Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir varieties, as they are both descents of the Gouais Blanc. Blaufränkisch is also widely grown in Hungary where is called Kékfrankos, but still remains far lesser known than its western neighbor. This grape variety, while of lesser importance, can be found in Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia and Washington state. ...
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