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St. Michael-Eppan

Three-hundred and forty families form the backbone of this innovative, Alto Adige estate. The St. Michael-Eppan Winery was born in 1907, when this passionate group of people came together. Situated in the center of South Tyrol’s leading wine-growing communities, St. Michael-Eppan’s vineyards are scattered amongst the sun-kissed slopes and hidden age-old estates. A product of many, the wines of St. Michael-Eppan highlight the knowledge, tradition, and passion found in each of the founding individuals. Today, the winery is led by Anton Zublasing, Günther Neumair, and head oenologist, Hans Terzer who is widely recognized for his vinous wizardry and forward-thinking. A real pioneer in the field, St. Michael-Eppan’s modern vinification processes have led them to become one of the first wineries in the areas to introduce a barrique refining system. What began as a modest cooperative winery, the St. Michael-Eppan estate has become one of the largest and most successful wine businesses in Italy. ...
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