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Château Palmer

Château Palmer is unquestionably the second best in Margaux, rivaling even its leading neighbor Château Margaux in some vintages. Established by British officer, Colonel Charles Palmer in 1814, today, the two majority shareholders are well-respected Bordeaux wine négociants, Mähler-Besse and the Sichel family. Categorized as a 3ème Cru Classé in the famous 1855 Classification, Château Palmer has long been established as a Médoc Super Second. With major investments in the estate’s facilities, and the addition of agronomist and oenologist, Thomas Duroux, Château Palmer has entered a golden era over these past decades. Producing two rich and layered reds, the impressive Château Palmer, comes the closest in style to the greatest Pomerol and Saint- Émilion wines due to its relatively high Merlot content. Their second wine, Alter Ego, tends to have an even higher proportion of Merlot, that displays the terroir’s perfume equally as well as the power and ripeness of their fruit. ...
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