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Château Monbousquet

Flying under the radar for several decades, Château Monbousquet has seen a great renaissance starting in 1993, when current owners Chantal and Gérard Perse acquired the estate. Situated in the southeastern portion of Saint-Émilion, upon mostly gravelly soils, the Perses completely restructured the vineyard and cellars, adding top-of-the-line equipment, as well as a new aging cellar in favor of producing great wines. Gérard, a visionary and self-made vintner, was the first to plant white vines in the appellation, and in 2006, his developments in quality led to the château’s promoted ranking to Grand Cru Classé status. Today, the property produces some of the most liked and gratifying wines - a modern, ripe and bold style of Saint-Émilion. The skilled consulting oenologist, Michel Rolland uses late-harvested fruit and malolactic fermentation in barrel that shows in each of their three wines. Two red wines are produced, the exotic Grand Vin Monbousquet Grand Cru Classé, and the second wine Angélique de Monbousquet, as well as a white wine Monbousquet Blanc. ...
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