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Sitting along California’s Central Coast, the beautiful vineyard sites of the Calera winery are scattered across the highest and coolest locations in the state. Surrounded by the Gavilan Mountains, Calera remains one of the world’s greatest producers of Pinot Noir, but they also produce several impressive white wines made of Chardonnay, Vignier and the rare, Aligoté. The adventure actually began in 1971, when Josh Calera decided to grow the famous red grape, Pinot Noir, amongst the steep mountainous terrain. He thus went in search of the perfect spot. He opted for this rugged location, an old lime kiln site, as opposed to the better-known Pinot areas, such as Sonoma Valley. Owner, Josh Jensen, is now in charge of this unique winery. He has introduced organic farming practices, native fermentation methods and minimal racking techniques that are highlighted in their compelling quality wines. ...
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