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D'Aiguilhe Blanc Côtes de Castillon Bordeaux Francia


We will help you organize the shipment to your desired address. During the check-out process we will suggest the most suitable shipping service depending on the quantity ordered and time frame.

Collection in shop (Melano)

You can save on shipping costs by collecting your wines directly at our shop. Currently, this option is only available at our ARVI Headquarters in Melano, Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1.

Store in Wine Vault

ARVI also offers a professional storage service, in which you can cellar your wines with us at ideal conditions. For more information about the terms and pricing, please click here.

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Château d'Aiguilhe

Another excellent property owned by Stephan von Neipperg that has a long history. Its first records go back to the 12th century where it served as a maison forte to a feudal lord as well as a commandery for the Knights Templar (but local legend also states that it had also once housed a Gallo-Roman villa). It was named after l'aiguille, meaning “needle” as it was built on a rocky rise that rose out of the soil. Over a long, tumultuous past, its allegiance was constantly torn between the French and English over the many years of war. Once calm came back to the region, the château began developing export markets for its wines and many were shipped to northern Europe. The original château was destroyed in the 20th century from a fire but various outbuildings still decorate some of the hillsides. Stephan von Neipperg acquired the estate in December 1998 and though the vineyards lie in the Côtes de Castillon, they benefit from the same care as Canon La Gaffelière or La Mondotte.
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Picture of Château d'Aiguilhe