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Beauséjour Duffau Lagarrosse

St. Emilion Bordeaux France
75 150 300 500 600 1200 1800
2020 Price On Request 6 3 3
2019 90 6 3 3 1
2018 12 10 5
2017 52
2016 100+ 55 4 1
2015 Sold out 5
2010 11 1
2009 9
2006 Sold out
2004 Sold out
2003 Sold out
2001 Sold out Sold out
2000 Sold out
1990 18
1983 4


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You can save on shipping costs by collecting your wines directly at our shop. Currently, this option is only available at our ARVI Headquarters in Melano, Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1.

Store in Wine Vault

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Château Beauséjour

The year of 1985 was a major turning point for this south Saint-Émilion estate, when Château Beauséjour elevated their level of quality becoming one of the more impressive producers amongst the Premier Grands Crus Classés. Following the property’s impressive turnaround, accomplished technical engineer, Pierre Bernault bought Château Beauséjour in 2004 – chasing his love of the wine world. With 12-hectares out of their overall 15 dedicated to Merlot and Cabernet Franc production, the Bernault family has continued to better their name as one of the greatest wine producers in Montagne Saint-Émilion. Consultants like, Stéphane Derenencourt, Michel Rolland and Nicolas Thienpont have only further influenced the château’s classical style, with notable medium to full body, opulence of black fruits and firm tannins that provides structure during cellaring time.
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Picture of Château Beauséjour