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Château Beauséjour Bécot

St. Emilion Bordeaux France
37.5 75 150 300 500 600
2020 100+ 12 6 Sold out 3
2019 Sold out 100+ Sold out Sold out Sold out
2018 61 14 10
2016 39 1
2015 84
2014 Sold out
2013 On arrival
2005 Sold out
1997 Sold out
1993 Sold out
1966 2
1950 1


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Château Beauséjour Bécot

Located immediately west of the magical town of Saint-Émilion on the Saint-Martin de Mazerat limestone plateau, Beau-Séjour Bécot is in the heart of the appellation. The estate has been devoted to winemaking since the Gallo-Roman period. In 1787, General Jacques de Carles, wishing to commemorate for all time the pleasure that he enjoyed staying there, named the estate "Beau-Séjour" (meaning "lovely stay"). In 1969, Michel Bécot acquired the château and brought the area under vine up to 18.5 hectares thanks to the purchase of neighboring vineyard plots with the same terroir. He also turned seven hectares of former underground limestone quarries into a storage cellar where tens of thousands of bottles age under ideal conditions. His work in improving and embellishing the estate went on until his retirement in 1985. His two sons, Gérard and Dominique, have followed in their father's footsteps while introducing numerous technical innovations to both the cellars and the vineyard. Only the ripest, healthiest grapes are now harvested, and then sorted one by one. Gérard's daughter, Juliette, started working at the château in 2001 in order to market wines from the family estate.
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Picture of Château Beauséjour Bécot