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French for water of life, eau-de-vie is a fruit-based clear brandy that is often found un-oaked. While the process is very similar to those of most spirits, and can be produced from grapes, eau-de-vie brandies are the most impressive when made from other fruits, such as poire Williams (Barlett pear) and plums. However, eau-de-vie de marc is different. Following the wine fermentation process, eau-de-vie de marc is produced from the remaining grape skins, and then usually aged in oak, like a Cognac. Similar to Cognac, both styles of eau-de-vie go through the distillation process twice. Instead, fruit liqueurs, like crème de cassis, are entirely unique. Fruit liqueur is produced from fruit that has been crushed and macerated in select spirits for over 45 to 60 days, the juice is then pressed, and right before bottling gets an added sugary syrup. ...
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