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New vintage just released: Yquem 2016 - 98-99 points

Dear Wine Lover,


Château d’Yquem has just released on the market its magical Yquem 2016 and the Château white wine “Y” de Château d’Yquem 2017!


We already had the chance to taste the new vintages together with Jean-Philippe Lemoine, Executive Director of Chateau d’Yquem, who visited us last week in our headquarters in Melano. A great release from Yquem as 2016 was a top vintage for sauternes wines and 2017 a mind-blowing vintage for dry whites.


The Bordeaux 2016 vintage as you surly know was one of the greatest Bordeaux has ever seen and the region of Sauternes benefitted from excellent conditions aswell. described as "a magical wine" and "the cream of the 2016 Sauternes crop” the 2016 is rich and ripe with a texture like lace. Yquem has that amazing ability to be both unctuous and dense whilst retaining a real sense of the ethereal.


A reason to not let this opportunity slip from your hands is the fact that this is all perfect stock coming directly from the Château cellars with the possibility to buy all available alternative formats up to super rare 1500cl bottles. These are filled to order and so are always rare on the market once the wine is physical; if you would like to guarantee owning them in the size of your choice, now is the time…


75.0 cl Château d'Yquem - Sauternes - 2016 CHF 348.00
(CHF 374.80 Vat included)
For 36 bottles or more CHF 338.00 (CHF 364.05 Vat included)
Half bottles at CHF 175.00 (CHF 188.50 Vat included)
Magnums at (1.5lt) CHF 698.00 (CHF 751.75  Vat included)
Double Magnums at (3lt) CHF 1’425.00 (CHF 1’534.75 Vat included)
Imperials at (6lt) CHF 2’850.00 (CHF 3’069.45 Vat included)
Salmanazar (9lt) at CHF 4’300.00 (CHF 4’631.10 Vat included)
Balthazar (12lt) at CHF 5’750.00 (CHF 6’192.75 Vat included)
Nebuchadnezzar (15lt) at CHF 7’200.00 (CHF 7’754.40 Vat included)

James Suckling 98-99 points: What a sexy and moreish wine that makes you want to drink the whole bottle. Flavors and aromas of cooked apples, grilled pineapple, pie crust, apricots, dried mushrooms and flan. Full-bodied, yet tight and reserved. Very long and powerful. Lasts for minutes. Another great wine.

Robert Parker 95-97 points: The 2016 Château d'Yquem was picked over four tries through the vineyard, commencing on 27 September and finishing on 4 November. The crucial pass through the vines took place between 18-22 October when over half the crop was picked. In fact, 75% of the crop was picked during the final two weeks of the harvest. It has 14.2% alcohol and a residual sugar level of 135 grams per liter, a pH of 3.80. A classic blend of 75% Sémillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc, it has a comparatively nuanced bouquet compared to Yquems that I have encountered at this stage. It opens gradually with light honeyed aromas, white flowers, apple blossom and just a touch of honeysuckle, although it does not possess the bravura personality of the astounding 2015. The palate is medium-bodied with a viscous opening, a subtle spice note leaving the mouth tingling. This is a fresh Yquem, tensile with moderate weight and delivering, perhaps belatedly, fine attack on the finish lined with subtle lemongrass notes. It will be interesting to plot the progress of this Yquem throughout its barrel maturation. This is an excellent Yquem no doubt, though I was missing that nerve, the labyrinthine complexity that can mark a top-tier Yquem even at this premature stage. I suspect that this will drink earlier than others, but age in a style only it knows.


Notoriously rare – only around 10,000 bottles are produced each year – this “Y” de Chateau d’Yquem is a wine of outstanding pedigree and real exclusivity. 2017 "Y" d'Yquem (also known as Ygrec) - the luxury dry cuvée produced by the château which combines laser-like acidity with Sauternes' depth, spice and exoticism - has also been released today and is available in the following formats:


75 cl “Y” de Ch. d'Yquem - Château d'Yquem - Bordeaux 2017 CHF 135.00
(CHF 145.40 Vat included)
For 36 bottles or more CHF 130.00 (CHF 140.00 Vat included)
Magnums at CHF 275.00 (CHF 296.20 Vat included)

VAT Excl.
Values are for information. Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE. Terms and Conditions Apply
Ygrec de Ch. d'Yquem
75 cl 2017     135.00     
Ygrec de Ch. d'Yquem
150 cl 2017     275.00     
Ygrec de Ch. d'Yquem
300 cl 2017     600.00     
37.5 cl 2016 95-97   175.00     
75 cl 2016 95-97   348.00     
150 cl 2016 95-97   698.00     
300 cl 2016 95-97   1'425.00     
600 cl 2016 95-97   2'850.00     
900 cl 2016 95-97   4'300.00     
1200 cl 2016 95-97   5'750.00     
1500 cl 2016 95-97   7'200.00     

Wines will be ready to be delivered by February 2019.


Price per bottle are displayed in CHF- VAT EXCLUDED and VAT INCLUDED. Transport cost excluded. Offer subject to final confirmation and to be unsold E&OE.


We hope this offer will be of interest and we look forward to receive your order.


Best regards,


The Arvi Team



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